Making Your Home Sexy

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Home Improvement: Sexifying your home

When people are considering sprucing up their home, they usually search online to see what home improvement ideas they can gather to increase their curb appeal.

They often resort to one of the cheapest ways to make things look a little bit more alive in front of their home.

They decide to redo their mulch. Heck even Michigan is doing it.

making your home more beautiful

But there are a few dangers and putting down mulch that a lot of people are not aware of.

It really comes down to what type of most that you use. It also makes a difference whether or not you remove the old mulch and replace it with new.

Also consider whether or not they’ve used dye to increase or enhance the color of the mulch.

This can also have an effect on your plants.

The distance that you place the mulch from the different plants that you have can make a difference. If you add mulch and you don’t consider irrigation for the areas you re-mulch, the plants could suffer. If you don’t remove or move around the old mulch, it actually can create a type of blanket or resistance barrier that keeps the water from penetrating the soil of the plant.

What I recommend for you to do is make sure that you take a special tool you can use to turn the mulch that’s already there. This will help aerate the plants and soil

 as well as open up a place for water to actually get to the roots of plants.

The other thing is if you decide that you want to change the look altogether then make sure that you get the old mulch removed.

I don’t recommend mixing different types of mulch products for the same area.

Make sure that you create some space as well around the trunks of different trees because you don’t want to encourage any insects or mold growth at the base of the tree.

A lot of people will create what they call a “volcano” right at the base of the tree and this actually can be detrimental to the health of the tree.

After all you’re trying to improve the look of your garden and yard not encourage new insects disease and other problems.

  As a side note (since we are talking mulch and many don’t know this). Should you have animals and you decide that you want to use the mulch for the base of the animal cages or stalls.  Make sure that you are using the proper type. Some of the mulch available today have different things and that can be toxic for animals. A lot of people don’t know this and they just assume that because it’s natural but the animals will be able to tolerate it.

 At the very least, make sure that you’re taking every precaution in order to ensure the safety of your animals while maintaining a beautiful yard


Where to buy mulch

Big box home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes are one option.

Often various types of mulch are available at your local nursery to purchase by the yard.

You want ensure that your mulch is not more than 3 inches deep. Often times 1 to 2 inches is sufficient.

Most mulch companies can give you calculations based on the square footage that you have to cover. It is very easy to make a mock drawing and then measure out the space provide the dimensions to them and they can give you the exact calculations the amount of mulch you need.

If you have a very small size yard then you can consider buying bags of mulch.

Just remember that if you buy the mulch for the yard off and they will have to deliver it or you can use a pick up truck to bring it to your house.

However it will involve a lot of physical labor. You will need to have a good shovel and a good wheelbarrow available. I often recommend that you have help as well.

Make sure to stay hydrated while you’re doing this type of work because it creeps up on you pretty fast.

The next thing you know you are feeling pretty fatigued.

Also, if you have not done physical labor in a long time then you might want to rethink your own installation of mulch. Maybe you need to hire it out. I know a doctor that actually had a patient that broke his neck by using a shovel.

He said that it was simply too much exertion for what he would have been used to. It actually broke off one of the bony structures on his spine.

So literally not to make fun of it this is backbreaking work and you need to be aware of what your own condition is before you start this type of project.