Jedi Parenting: How to Get Your Kid not to Quit

Dealing with kids who want to quit My ex-wife called me up the other day and tells me I need to talk to my son. I said what is this about? She said he doesn’t want to cooperate and I think you’re the only person that can get through to him. I said fine put […]

Making Your Home Sexy

(photo credit: Home Depot) click on the pic to be redirected there. Home Improvement: Sexifying your home When people are considering sprucing up their home, they usually search online to see what home improvement ideas they can gather to increase their curb appeal. They often resort to one of the cheapest ways to make things […]

Beach Balance: How to Manage Kids at the Beach

A day at the beach. I have to tell you I love the beach. I love spending every moment that I can at the beach. If I could I’d own a house on the beach. Heck, maybe I will one day. For the last couple of years I’ve owned a house that’s only about seven […]